Fio, the “chata”, the “wanna be chalaca”, she goes and talks with everyone and gets the necessary info. She is always active, in meetings or phone calls; she writes everything in her notebook, puts things into her purse and then goes in search of new customers; She is here and there at the same time. Her special ability: by the way of speaking (or dressing) she will always give you advice to build loyalty to your customers. Her professional experience has taken her on television, although her passion has always been music and singing. She is a communicator and has produced videos and events of the highest caliber. She has specialized in the Customer Expierence Journey and has given commercial training in various corporations. She has a company, which is like a daughter for her (and it came out just like that): With a lot of feeling.


The madman says a joke, then another, then another and in the end (when he has already stolen more than a laugh), he launches one of his genius that later translates into a super opportunity to do business. This is Diego, he goes with his beanie and his shoes everywhere, and as a good Argentine – although he thinks he is Peruvian – he talks and talks and keeps talking, until the work schedule is over. His power: he will definitely be able to give you one (or two) idea (s) that you had never tried for your company. In his several years of age (he is the old man of the group) he has passed through various companies, from different areas, advising and providing practical and innovative solutions. He is an expert in increasing sales and generating a turnover with effective changes. As we always say, he was a fixer even before he knew he was.


The man arrives very well and in a tie, to explain cash flows, balance points and tax strategies. Ah! But when he enters in confidence, he gets the “chalaco” inside and throws two badges per person, a couple of very spicy jokes and that joy that characterizes the Lima entrepreneurs. His main feature: plan and project your numbers to tell you how much more you will earn and how to reduce your costs. He has already passed through all the positions of traditional companies, and since he finished his MBA he has focused on independent work. Accountant by nature and financier by experience, he has worked advising large companies. He has learned everything in his time in the world of business. Henry knows.


He grabs his mustaches, puts on a serious face and asks for order, but it is pure feint. After all, he is the most romantic and polite of the whole team. He lived many years in Argentina. Unlike Diego, he would be the Peruvian who behaves like an Argentine. In fact, he is the only one that takes “mate”. His specialty: to unite your company with your target through a personalized brand and direct communication. Life has led him through various professions: he has gone through the navy, the engineering career and has also written stories. He has acted, given talks and directed a leadership school. He has worked as a freelance and has also been a manager. But, definitely, what he likes most is to fix business.

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